Meals on Wheels is a non-profit, voluntary community food service for those unable to prepare adequate meals for themselves.



Meals on Wheels of Westbrook Park is dedicated to helping the disabled, aged, and chronically or temporarily ill: to supply them with nourishing food at a nominal cost; assuring them of a friendly, loving interest through our dedicated volunteers; and helping them remain self-sufficient.



MealsonWheels.jpg (23644 bytes)Preparing and packaging of all food delivered by Meals on Wheels is centered in the kitchen of Westbrook Park United Methodist Church. All personnel engaged in the endeavor, with the exception of a cook and director, are volunteers who own and operate cars at their own expense. Meal are packaged and delivered 5 days a week Monday through Friday, except holidays, between 11:00 and 12:00pm.
Each delivery consists of a hot nutritious dinner to be eaten mid-day, and a light supper, placed in the refrigerator, for later. The menus are varied and the food attractively packaged.
The base price for the meals is $25.00 per week for the hot meal only, and $37.50 per week for two meals per day, one hot meal plus a sack lunch. We do offer reduced rates for those who qualify and we accept as many charity clients as we can afford.
Meals on Wheels is a humanitarian, non-sectarian program serving persons regardless of race, color, or creed.


The idea for Meals on Wheels originated in England during WW II. The first successful program in the United States began in Philadelphia in 1954 and has spread throughout major cities in the United States.
Meals on Wheels was started in the Canton area in September, 1970, as a pilot project of Westbrook Park United Methodist Church.
Inspired by God’s love to solve the problems presented by our older people and the handicapped who are bound to the home, The Commission on Christian Social Action proposed the program and was directed by the Council on Ministries to plan for such a program.
Although it was started as a program of Westbrook Park United Methodist Church, it serves the community and had the help of community volunteers.


1. By volunteering to serve a few hours each week, month, or on substitute basis as a packager, driver, or friendly deliverer. The number to call is 330-456-4797                        Email:
2. By contributing and encouraging your organizations and friends to sponsor a person or make contributions to: Westbrook Park Meals on Wheels. All contributions are tax deductible.
Meals on Wheels is endorsed by the Canton City Board of Health.